Your Last Love is Waiting...

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double effing standard.

just a little more and i am done with this. 

when does everything has to be taken as seriously when it’s a variety show for crying out loud! people tend to sour-grape when losing. betraying is ok and not cheating? if the members’ the one who fool around it’s acceptable but when the guest is cunning it is a big no no? guests being called rude, pathetic or whatnot because they treat a girl as girl but when not treat her as one is still called the same?! no one is questioning anyone’s capabilities nor looking down on them. just because things doesn’t go the way you want it you badmouth people even those who works behind the show, the one who gave you the show in the first place. scripted? don’t even get me start on this. is that even new? sometimes i think of the real reason i’m gradually losing interest, reading how some are narrow minded and does not look at the whole picture. isn’t this should be fun? isn’t should be taken as entertainment?are you watching the show as a critique? if you’re gonna nit pick just about everything then what’s the point?

btw… our, yes mine too, beloved members actually said they had fun and wants them guest back. if they can handle not winning why can’t you too?

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